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Remembering the Past, While Moving towards the Future

Please join us this Tuesday, February 12, at 6:00 pm for a public meeting at town hall to hear comments, both pro and con, concerning the implementation of ETJ. Extraterritorial Jurisdiction allows the town to have zoning jurisdiction one mile outside the town limits. In general, municipalities have a special interest in the areas immediately adjacent to their town limits. These areas in the normal course of events will at some point be annexed into the town, bringing with them any problems growing out of disorganized development. Even prior to that time they may affect the town. Health and safety problems arising just outside the town do not always respect the town limits as they spread. Therefore, the council is investigating Extraterritorial Jurisdiction. Please come and share your thoughts, both pro and con concerning this project. We hope to see you there!


Pleasant Garden is a community of people working together and serving one another, creating a lasting quality of life for everyone.

Located within our 15 square mile town limits are quiet residential neighborhoods, family farms and related agribusinesses, locally owned small businesses, varied industries, schools, churches, healthcare facilities, fire protection and recreational facilities.

We are a town of volunteers. Each of these programs is operated through the selfless commitment of volunteers.

Town Hall news and town-sponsored events are regularly posted. Community and regional websites are linked for your convenience. We hope that residents and visitors alike will find this information helpful and informative.

Your comments and suggestions are welcomed.
Thank you for visiting Pleasant Garden, North Carolina!

Pleasant Garden PARTF Grants                

The Town of Pleasant Garden was awarded a 2016 Parks and Recreation Trust Fund (PARTF) grant for Volunteer Park in the amount of $234,387.  The town must provide an equal funding match to these state funds. New recreation projects and upgrades to existing facilities must be completed by October 31, 2019.
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The town was awarded a second PARTF grant on August 24 in the amount of $352,000 in non-matched funds for improvements at the Community Center!

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